“What I Learned Helping Blue Apron Grow 25X in 3.5 Years” by @MelodyKoh

There’s so much to love in “What I Learned Helping Blue Apron Grow 25X in 3.5 Years” from @MelodyKoh

If you’re growing at a breakneck pace, you will inevitably have to rely on some of your high-performers to step up as people managers as you scale. Don’t take people management skills for granted — being an excellent individual contributor requires a very different skillset than being an effective people manager and leader.

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“Backlog/Roadmap Hygiene Tips” by John Cutler

I just read “Backlog/Roadmap Hygiene Tips” on from Medium by @JohnCutler. Keeping a backlog healthy is a tough task, but in this article John gives you some good categories to identify and resolve common Backlog items.

1. Soul Sappers
You know, we really should ____________ . It bugs the whole team, and really sucks!
The danger here is that failing to act will take a toll on the team. It’s like a psychic tax. Consider doing the work (very) soon.

It’s a great read and developing this common language within your squad will help you identify and deal with issues faster. For a backlog to stay clean though, it needs to exist within the right culture.

  • If you live in fear, then you’ll want to have everything documented. You won’t trust that important, non-urgent things will be re-discovered.
  • If you’ve got a micro-manager boss then expect to have tickets of all sizes with nothing to tie them together.
  • Ruled by committee? NO true owner? Expect lots of duplicates and alternatives to solving specific problems.

So, check out the article, clean up your backlog, but if you see things come back again and again, look at the cultural causes.

“Why speed is the skill I’m most dedicated to improving” by Alex Mathers

In “Why speed is the skill I’m most dedicated to improving” @IAmAlexMathers argues that for certain tasks, we should prioritise moving fast. Focusing on high quality output is limiting our creativity and stopping us from getting faster.

Instead, embrace the challenge and feel the need for speed.

To create impact in a noisy world, a sound strategy is to produce a lot. And that is hard. We associate speed with poor quality. We think we’ll trip and make more mistakes when we work fast.

But making spectacular things, and quickly, is possible.


“The Eternal Struggle to Balance Creation and Consumption”

We’re all drowning in digital channels, firehose of information. It’s exhausting and leaves no time to create. In the eternal Struggle to Balance Creation and Consumption from @KaraCut she explores the issue brilliantly.

The biggest tell of whether I’ve had a creative day comes when I’m getting ready for bed. My brain is like a sponge squeezed dry after spending the day writing something meaningful to me. I feel drained, exhausted, and alive. I flick off the light without scrolling

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