Great article from Medium “11 Apps to Help You Find Your Focus”

I just read “11 Apps to Help You Find Your Focus” on from Medium. I’m a sucker for productivity blogs, in fact they’re maybe my most unproductive habit 🙂 Here’s 2 of my favourites from their list.

One of these that I love is This is like Spotify’s focus playlists on steroids. It’s AI-generated music that aims to produce exactly the right sounds you need to focus, clear your head or get to sleep. Definitely worth checking out, just try avoid fiddling with the settings too much – you’re supposed to be working right?


The one that’s got me most excited is Forest. This app plants a tree when you start it, and then, over the next 30 minutes that tree grows. If however you use your phone before then, you’ll kill the tree. This twisted version of a tamagotchi is brilliant, but only on the iPhone. What’s even more amazing? It even helps plant real trees.

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