Getting Profitable – HotelTonight

Great post from Sam Shank on LinkedIn earlier this week about how HotelTonight managed their team to drive towards profitability.

B2P (“build to profitability”) became a call to arms around HT HQ. Giving our goal a name made it easy to rally around. We talked about it every week at HT Nation, our all-hands meeting. It became a shorthand for every decision we made. “Will X project help us reach our B2P goal?” If the answer was no, we tabled the idea for a later date (even if it was a great one). We even built a giant h-bed (the HotelTonight logo) that we filled up like a modern school fundraising thermometer, visually demonstrating how close we were to our goal.

I’d also recommend the larger post from FirstRoundReviewFrom Burning Millions to Turning Profitable in Seven Months — How HotelTonight Did It

We went from burning $30 million a year to owning our destiny — in seven months

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