Getting Profitable – HotelTonight

Great post from Sam Shank on LinkedIn earlier this week about how HotelTonight managed their team to drive towards profitability.

B2P (“build to profitability”) became a call to arms around HT HQ. Giving our goal a name made it easy to rally around. We talked about it every week at HT Nation, our all-hands meeting. It became a shorthand for every decision we made. “Will X project help us reach our B2P goal?” If the answer was no, we tabled the idea for a later date (even if it was a great one). We even built a giant h-bed (the HotelTonight logo) that we filled up like a modern school fundraising thermometer, visually demonstrating how close we were to our goal.

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Addressing the right problem with the right solution

Product Management is really only about two things:

  1. Understanding the space in which your product exists: DISCOVERY
  2. Building your product to deliver the most value in that space: DELIVERY

These two are fundamentally linked. If you don’t understand the problems and opportunities in your space you’ll never address them. If you don’t know your users’ needs you’ll never fulfil them. Similarly, if you’re not conscious of the product you have, of the direction you’re growing, then you won’t ask the right questions to understand your space.

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The return of Microsoft?

The recently announced Microsoft Surface Book has been getting a lot of attention. It’s a great looking device with real power under the hood. The laptop’s display detaches, turning into a powerful tablet. By keeping some of the processing in the keyboard base unit, the battery in the tablet remains solid, while providing awesome processing power as the larger unit.

I’m excited about what this could mean for Microsoft in general. With XBox, Lumia, Surface and their new OS all getting great feedback are we seeing a MS renassaince. If so, Apple certainly aren’t helping themselves. With meagre upgrades being hailed as the next best thing, their brilliant product line is starting to look a little over priced and out of date.

It means good things now (better competition and choice) but I’m really excited about 5 years from now. Apple is working on an electric car. Microsoft on Virtual Reality with Holo Lens. Both products have strong competition in Tesla and Occulus. If these two giants of tech are really going to fight battles on yet another front, then they better be serious. And I hope they are, because I’d love to see what they’re capable of.

The Language of Modular Design by Alla Kholmatova

Brilliant article on the importance of language in building great products by Alla Kholmatova.

“Make an effort to refer to the elements by the name you agreed on—no matter how strange this might sound in everyday conversations. It takes more effort initially to call something a “whisper box” (yes, we have an element called “whisper box”) rather than “that thing with the lines and an icon in the middle.” But until you start referring to an element by its proper name, it doesn’t exist in your modular system as a solid, actionable block. Every time you use the name you agreed on, you strengthen the element you call on and evolve your design language.”

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