Memphis Meats and Cultured Farming

memphis meatsI’mĀ convinced that in the future we’ll all be eating cultured meats. Grown in a factory rather than farmed in a field. There’s lotsĀ of exciting ramifications and concerns to be tackled, but it’s exciting to see the progress being made by Memphis Meats.

Perhaps most exciting is the exchange rate that we’re looking at:

“While generating one calorie from beef requires 23 calories in feed, Memphis Meats plans to produce a calorie of meat from just three calories in inputs.”

Read more on The Good Food Institute


2 Minute Beach Clean

I’m a huge fan of initiatives to get the public cleaning the spaces we use. I believe that soon we’ll all be out of jobs (but that’s a good thing) and be free to spend our time making the world wonderful and shiny again.

So I was pretty excited when I found 2 Minute Beach Clean. It’s a great way of getting people together to have fun looking after our planet.

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