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There’s lots to love about this tip from X-team. Essentially, they’re saying communicate, if possible visually, to help your team know what you’re up to. If you don’t they’ll start to question your value.

100% agree, but I think they missed a trick. One of the best parts of #Slack is it’s integrations. By hooking Slack into Github, Google docs, Jell, or any number of other apps you can make sure Slack do the hard work and post updates as you complete work elsewhere. That way, any manual updates you make complement the automated work documenting your day to day bau.

Google Redux: Verbs

With the Google Redux project there were two types of functionality: Applications and Verbs. Verbs were applications that I wanted to make core to the Google product. I strongly believe that if Google wants to achieve its potential and mirror its success in search by dominating  the other areas it dabbles with (Social, File Storage, etc) then it needs to make this functionality ubiquitous.

The Verbs are present in all aspects of all Google products. Whether you’re in Youtube or the Play store you should be able to Say something, Save a file, show your Support or more.


Google Verbs

Save: Move the file, application, movie or search result to your Google Save Space. You can access this via multiple ways (Drive is the primary application).

Share: Use your apps to promote something you need to Share. When you want to spread the word, do it here.

Support: ‘Like’, ‘Thumbs Up’, ‘Plus 1’; whatever you want to call it, showing your Support for something has an impact. Whether it’s social activism or making a cat video go viral.

Search: Google search on steroids. Search through your app’s, your saved files, the Shop and of course the Web.

Say: You don’t have to Support something to have an impact. The web is home to some of the most dynamic, intellectual conversations we’ve ever seen – get involved and Say something today.

Social: Looking to message a friend, add them to a project or tag them in a post? You’ll find all your friends here.

Shop: Whenever you see this icon you can click to Shop. Use it to purchase new apps in the Play store, browse a brand’s merchandise on their Google Plus page or download the DVD from Youtube.



p.s. I’m hoping to update these icons shortly, these are the betas.

ToDoist – FINALLY! The to do list you’ve been looking for

todoist I’m loving ToDoist. I’ve been looking for a great task management tool for a long time, and tried them all, but I think I may have finally found the one.

The app is brilliant, with an interface that shows just what you need, when you need it, and a powerhouse feature set that delivers pretty much everything you ever asked for.


Check it out for yourself, I’m sure you’ll go premium pretty quickly. Just a few great features

  • Syncs across all devices
  • Available off-line
  • Nested tasks and subtasks
  • Keywords, categories and filters
  • It’s super easy to turn an email into a task
  • Reminders galore!

Huge congrats to the team for adding so much, whilst keeping it super simple to use.

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