Slack tips! Quick look busy


There’s lots to love about this tip from X-team. Essentially, they’re saying communicate, if possible visually, to help your team know what you’re up to. If you don’t they’ll start to question your value.

100% agree, but I think they missed a trick. One of the best parts of #Slack is it’s integrations. By hooking Slack into Github, Google docs, Jell, or any number of other apps you can make sure Slack do the hard work and post updates as you complete work elsewhere. That way, any manual updates you make complement the automated work documenting your day to day bau.


Memphis Meats and Cultured Farming

memphis meatsI’m convinced that in the future we’ll all be eating cultured meats. Grown in a factory rather than farmed in a field. There’s lots of exciting ramifications and concerns to be tackled, but it’s exciting to see the progress being made by Memphis Meats.

Perhaps most exciting is the exchange rate that we’re looking at:

“While generating one calorie from beef requires 23 calories in feed, Memphis Meats plans to produce a calorie of meat from just three calories in inputs.”

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